About You

Imagine… Confidently making choices that move you towards doing what you want to do, expressing who you want to be in your career


You are ready to invest in yourself. You are making a choice to bring your best self to work, and others. What does that means exactly? It may be a little fuzzy.

However, you’ve realized that:

  • How to own and navigate your career hasn’t been taught.
  • Choosing what knowledge to acquire, skill to gain, and where to start can be overwhelming to say the least.
  • Navigating personal and professional development on your own is … well … lonely. You want to feel a part of a like-minded community, supported, as you bring clarity to, and make those changes.


You have a passion to help women to confidently navigate their career; on their terms. 

Your own career is full of stories that bring an authenticity to why you do what you do. 

You understand the rich career landscape and distinctive challenges facing women in Southern Ontario because you live and work here too. 

And you are ready, willing and capable to share your expertise with women wanting clarity, not fuzz.