The Career Connector

Hello! I’m DANIELLE deShaw. I connect the career challenges of professional women in the workplace (YOU!) to the solutions provided by Experts and Resources that live right here with you in Southern Ontario.

B.Sc., B. Ed. – Adult Education, PGCert – Educational Leadership

With a career landscape as diverse as my shoe collection, my career journey has been anything but boring. Seized opportunities and an abundance of learning lessons (including the not-so-fun-stuff) created some interesting adventures. In hindsight, it’s all been part of discovering not just what I wanted to be when I grew up, but who, and remove all sense of fuzz.

With 15+ years in various leadership roles in manufacturing, in 2015 I took an intentional career pause. During this time, I became an award-winning Author of The ATHENA Prodigies and a recipient of the Rhyze Award for women entrepreneurs for my business focused on leadership development for women and girls.

An intuitive pull in 2018 saw me return to the workforce, applying the business principles and mindsets realized during that pause. A new career aligned my ‘what’ and ‘who’ as an expressive Human Resources professional supporting others through their career transitions.

However, with the entrepreneurial passion lit, it was the catalyst for pitching and becoming the Host and Community Producer of The C-Suite on Rogers tv (“C” standing for Choice). Here, Guests and I discuss trending topics in career care, helping women to create choices in their career, while integrating their life and work into each other. As a Mom of 2 and busy schedules, I’m an advocate of self-care, which includes the occasional indulgence in my go-to comfort food of poutine.