The C-Suite

The C-Suite on Rogers tv discusses trending topics in career care for women; connecting today’s career challenges to solutions provided by business women who live and work right here in Southern Ontario.

The C-Suite is about providing you with:

KNOWLEDGE – to tackle problems with innovative solutions and new perspectives,

SKILLS – to create the positive change you want to see in your work,

AWARENESS – that the career care support you need is, literally, in your backyard, that can help you to create CHOICES (the ”C” in C-Suite) in your career so that you are:

  • Fully engaged in what you do
  • Healthy (mentally, physically, emotionally)
  • Empowered to own the shape and direction of your career (and know how to do it)
  • Feeling that sense of something ‘more’.


What is career care?

It’s the intentional action of taking care of all facets of who you are and what you do, understanding that each are connected to, and expressed through, the other.